Is anybody conscious of a public wildcard domain title that resolves to Ip 127...1. For instance basically desired to test a URL in your area for example or however i do not have charge of DNS configurations (hosts file or whatever) i quickly would make use of this public DNS to solve to 127...1. It must be wildcarded to ensure that regardless of whatever comes before still it resolves to 127...1.

This domain resolves to 127...1:

world wide

If you work with Home windows DNS, you may create a brand new zone, then you definitely DnsCmd to include A records for @ and *.

dnscmd /RecordAdd local * 3600 A 127...1

dnscmd /RecordAdd local @ 3600 A 127...1

If little else, you can just purchase a domain on your own and arrange it so that's the way it reacts.

You can turn to and register one.. You will get free domain names(well subdomains, however, you have total treatments for A and NS and the like records) and point one at 127...1. They support wild-cards

Why don't you while using literal Ip within the URL?

  • http://127...1/ (old IPv4)
  • http://[::1]/ (new IPv6) is the first I understood about, however found tons of here

http://world wide wide

Look into the 20 other sites indicate 127...1. I've no clue how lengthy these websites will remain pointing to 127...1.

Your hosts file in C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc must have the ability to do that, just add a single line such as this:

127...1 world wide

Furthermore, make use of a server like apache or perhaps a program by using it like wamp, and merely visit http://localhost


VMWare keeps this for his or her open cloud platform.