I've Master/Slave setup using Win2k8R with SVN 1.6.9 and taking advantage of TortoiseSVN 1.6.7. The access is thru Apache and taking advantage of http. Everything works however when I commit I recieve the next message: Error: publish-commit hook unsuccessful (exit code 1) with output:
Error: The procedure cannot access the file since it is getting used by another process. This happen when utilizing multiple TortoiseSVN dialog for carrying out the files in rapid succession. Basically play one TortoiseSVN dialog and wait until the commit reply has returned i quickly will not begin to see the problem. Quite simply, carrying out one at that time cause no problem. The publish-commit script output is drenched.

Despite the fact that I recieve the above mentioned error however when I look into the Master and Slave repository the files happen to be duplicated okay without any problem.

I'm wondering how this problem could be solved.

You need to election this being an problem within the Subversion Issue Tracker.