I'm writing a little script by Python for connecting and publish content to my WordPress blog. It's pretty straightforward with https://github.com/maxcutler/python-wordpress-xmlrpc

However, after i attempted to input a HTML data, for instance:


It seems exactly within the WordPress publish (I watch it in the visual editor, and I have to re-format it by copying the information to HTML mode to achieve the expected result.

What must i use my python script ?

Thanks greatly

Is the HTML data you're uploading curently have its position brackets steered clear of into HTML organizations? I.e. < becomes &lt while > becomes &gt

This could result in the behavior you describe. The visual editor would show what appears like raw HTML, not caused by rendering HTML.

To repair, either (i) prevent that encoding, or (ii) the fast and dirty approach, perform a search and replace around the HTML before handing for your API. Something like:

html = html.replace('&lt;', '<')
html = html.replace('&gt;', '>') 

should have the desired effect.