I am trying to utilize a posts page in Wordpress. For that uninitiated, this can be a page (apart from the house page) featuring all of your blogs. You basically switch on the static webpage and point Wordpress in a custom index. Then you definitely tell Wordpress to make use of another custom template as the "posts page" after that, any publish you are making will wind available online for.

My custom template for that 'Blog' page turns up not surprisingly until I define it as being the posts page. After I do, web site reverts to my custom index and that i get no posts. After I undefine it as being the posts page, it dates back to my template. What shall we be held missing? I am a new comer to that way, as it was once completed with a wordpress plugin just before Wordpress 2.9

So, I determined the answer and desired to share. Thanks for your input, everybody.

The issue was using the title I selected for that template. I'd known as it "blog.php", which works fine when designing an regular page template. However when utilizing a page like a posts page, Wordpress has some specific setup rules. The pertinent portion of documentation, that we searched the whole internet for implementing hrs of my existence I'll never return, is hidden here:

Also, any Template designated the Page is going to be overlooked and also the theme's index.php (or home.php whether it is available) controls the display from the posts. (from here).

So, I named my template "home.php", since i have wasn't utilizing a home.php during this install, and that i was ready to go. Anyway, just solutions!

BTW, I believe this might have been what Richard M was bothering.

Your condition may be in creating "templates" and also the single publish (single.php) You may create a template for all of your pages by putting this in the top your page (following the first < ? php:

/**Template Name: ****templatenamehere**** @package WordPress * @subpackage Default_Theme */

...relaxation of code

This enables you to produce a page known as "posts" which references your brand-new template. By doing this you may create a brand new template after which refer to it as via a page. If this sounds like confusing or else you have attempted this tell me and that i will attempt to provide you with more particulars if you want. Thanks