I want a wordpress wordpress plugin to instantly publish every article to some facebook page I own.

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During my wordpress blog I would like a "subscribe with facebook" button that allows a person sign up for my posts, to ensure that they seem on their own profile on facebook (something similar to an RSS subscription..)

Can there be anything such as this? How could I actually do such like in wordpress easily?

Maybe we're able to try to instantly publish new articles to some facebook page, after which customers could easily sign up for that page. Is it feasible?

All that which you describe is technically possible, even though you do operate a chance of running afoul of Facebook Platform Policy violations that will get the application shut lower by Facebook.

The approach of posting to some page is a lot safer from the policy perspective.

I suggest a detailed reading through from the Platform Guidelines section IV at https://developers.facebook.com/policy/

To publish towards the wall you'll need the offline_access and publish_stream extended permissions.

I don't determine if there's a WordPress wordpress plugin with this already or if you want to whip one up yourself.

You request if there's anything such as this, and RSS Graffiti appears to become what you're searching for.

If you wish to roll your personal, you are able to email your Page feed while using Graph API. It's more work of computer appears in the beginning though, as you've to help keep the oauth token up-to-date (it may change even when it's lengthy lasting, for instance whenever you improve your Facebook password), take proper care of getting correct permissions etc.