I curently have a running server with nginx at front-end carrying out a proxy_pass to apache that is serving django.

Among the finest to place an easy coming-soon page for an additional site and located an easy PHP script to achieve that.

Since I have not used at all php, I needed to understand if there's such like I have to do in order to serve the php content.

My apache sites-available for that existing domain really is easy -

<VirtualHost *:8000>
ServerName oldDomain.com
ServerAlias www.oldDomain.com
WSGIScriptAlias / /opt/oldDomain.com/oldDomain.wsgi

I suppose such like for php ? But just what ? I just read that php can run directly inside apache as mod_php.

My nginx config for that new website is -

` server `

EDIT Attempted adding the below for that new host also it does not work. Striking the brand new domain, takes me towards the old domain.

listen 80; server_name www.NewDomain.com; access_log /var/log/nginx/NewDomain.access.log; error_log /var/log/nginx/NewDomain.error.log; location / { proxy_pass http://NewDomain.com:8000; root /opt/NewDomain.com/public; }

Yes , just configure mod_php for apache. For virtual host

<VirtualHost *:8000>
ServerName NewDomain.com
ServerAlias www.NewDomain.com
# There should be something more to tell apache how to process, this this is php </VirtualHost>