I am along the way of establishing a webserver on your own, mainly for writing webapps with Python. On searching at options to Apache+mod_wsgi, it seems that pypy plays very nicely indeed with virtually everything I intend for my very own applications. Not necessarily getting had an opportunity to have fun with PyPy correctly, Personally i think this can be a great chance to get at utilize it, since i have have no need for the server to become bulletproof.

However, you will find some PHP applications that I must operate on the webserver for administrative reasons (PHPPgAdmin, for instance). Can there be a stylish solution that enables me to make use of PyPy inside a PHP-compatible webserver like Apache? Or can i need to run CherryPy/Paste or among the other WSGI servers, with Apache and mod_wsgi on the separate port to supply administrative services?

You are able to run your PyPy applications behind mod_proxy and serve static quite happy with Apache (as well as use nginx). Additionally to CherryPy, gunicorn and tornado run great on PyPy.