What are the website hosting companies who've pysvn (http://pysvn.tigris.org/) incorporated within their python modules, or who riding time additional modules such will be able to do the installation myself? Thank you.

For those who have spend access you are able to install virtually anything to your house directory. Just make certain the road you put in the module to is put into your PYTHONPATH atmosphere variable.

say /home/harry is the home directory, you put in pysvn to /home/harry/lib inside your .party_profile add:



login and log out again. This can place it in to the atmosphere and python will discover the modules in /home/harry/lib begin to see the python paperwork on modules for more information how python looks for modules.

Really the only caveat is, in case your host does not have the files required to build pysvn (for example svn header files), you will need to set them up also.

with nevertheless I love webfaction (that is nice towards this stuff and python development) which question may be better in website owners.stackexchange.com