I'm searching for companies hosting websites coded in Python 3 and CherryPy. Webfaction looks good, but it's restricted to Linux servers, and my website continues to be designed and examined under Home windows. Can anybody summarise (or point me to) the alterations I will need to make to my code to be able to have it to operate under Linux?

I suppose if I wish to keep my code unchanged I might have to get a VPS (vps). I'll decide for yourself things i install, but it is much more costly. Has anybody had any connection with this setup with Python?

You should use amazon . com EC2 and configure your OS as you want. http://aws.amazon . com.com/ec2/

You can purchase affordable VPS hosting and configure it wish, Python and all sorts of. By doing this is more suitable if you wish to tweak other areas from the stack later, e.g. switch to another WSGI implementation.

You can also use Amazon . com EC2 similarly, as @meimimo indicates it's liberated to start.