I have to operate a simple request/response python module under an existing system with home windows/apache/FastCGI.

All of the FastCGI wrappers for python I attempted work with Linux only (they will use socket.fromfd() along with other such shticks).

It is possible to wrapper that runs under home windows?

A Django bug indicates that python-fastcgi is useful for you, and it is PyPI page reviews it creates Home windows.

You will probably find it simpler to ditch FastCGI altogether and merely operate a python webserver on the localhost port. Then only use mod_rewrite to map the apache web addresses towards the internal webserver.

(I began offering FastCGI inside my webhost and i'm happy to report, nearly everybody cast off it in support of just running their very own web server around the ports I provided them.)

I'd suggest mod_python or mod_wsgi.