What options exists for Python Cloud Hosting apart from Google Application Engine?

I am searching for solutions that allow me to write and publish code to servers which will scale up instantly to satisfy demand. I'd rather not spend time onto it tasks.

To date, I have really only found this: https://world wide web.picloud.com/

Application Engine is excellent, but has some immaturity restrictions for example insufficient https support.

Google Application Engine is an extremely unique cloud platform and also you will not find every other similar hosting. Except maybe hosting your personal AppScale platform somewhere : http://code.google.com/p/appscale/ However I don't believe it's ready yet.

The nearest to GAE would probably be some kind of Heroku-clone for Python. I understand of two approaching services :

You might try Media Temple Power grid Service that has Django power grid containers : http://mediatemple.internet/webhosting/gs/features/containers.php#django

You could look at something similar to AppScale or TyphoonAE:



They are independent and open-source implementations of GAE that may be located anywhere you would like, which get you around a few of the difficulties with GAE (e.g. the HTTPS problem you pointed out).

Both support GAE/P but AppScale's Python support is really a couple of versions behind.