I must avoid wasting data into MySQL from Python.

I've attempted MySQLdb, but it must be built. Build fails on my small Mac furthermore, I have to have one file copying to server. I do not get access to install anything.

Are you able to recommend me any solution, please! Even where I'm able to find MySQLdb build for specific platforms.

Thanks ahead of time!

MySQL includes a command line interface (much like psql from Postgres or sqlite3 in the database of the identical title). I'd be amazed if the wasn't installed on a single server already.

You can then generate input for your utility using Python and refer to it as with subprocess. With respect to the data, this is often as easy as producing INSERT instructions on your own, or produce a temporary input file (e.g. in CSV format) and pass it towards the utility by title.

I've found the simplest method to use C extensions from python on the Mac is by using Macports

Years old will have to install macports after which install the main harbour py26-mysql this can install python 2.6 and MySQL.

In this situation I'd have believed MySQLdb ought to be a simple install - to assist with this are you able to edit your question to exhibit the mistake and inform us in which the mySql libraries are installed