I must make use of the dbm module on my small Home windows machine, but it's presently only supported on Unix. http://docs.python.org/library/dbm.html

Does anybody are conscious of an identical module concentrating on the same syntax or perhaps a workaround to obtain dmb functional on home windows? Being able to view a database written towards the hard disk similar to the way i code to gain access to a dictionary could be great. Appreciate your help!

Really, after more searching around, I discovered this:


I have attempted this on home windows also it appears to become working fine =)

I believe anydbm on Home windows is only going to load dumbdbm, since the rest of the modules seem to be Unix only. Based on the Python documentation...

"The dumbdbm module is supposed like a last measure fallback for that anydbm module when forget about robust module can be obtained. The dumbdbm module isn't written for speed and isn't as heavily used as another database modules."