I am searching for an ORM that enables me to complete bulk card inserts, in addition to create code according to python classes. I attempted sqlobject, it labored acceptable for creating the tables but placing was unacceptibly slow for the quantity of data I needed to place. If this kind of ORM does not exist any pointers on classes that will help with such things as cleaning input and building SQL strings could be appreciated.

You might like to try SQLAlchemy.

In my opinion sqlalchemy has bulk card inserts, however i haven't ever tried on the extender. However, it compares positively in benchmark tests based on this this reviewer.

EDIT: It does not appear obvious how he's using SQLAlchemy...be it the particular ORM or simply query code. Reading through your blog entry, I believed the purpose ended up being to have fun with the ORM, but a couple of commentors appear to visualize that he's using query-code which whether it were the ORM it might be much reduced.

I am unfamiliar with sqlobject, however for bulk card inserts typically you need to make certain this really is completed in a transaction, so that your not commiting for every manipulation.

In sqlobject it appears like this can be done using the transactions resist control commits. You most likely have to turn from the default AutoCommit flag too with this to operate correctly.