I authored a WSGI compatible web application using web.py that loads a couple of dozen Megabytes data into memory throughout startup.

It really works very well using the web.py integrated server.

However, using Apache 2 + mod_wsgi, each and every request reloads the information, basically beginning this program again. Because of the loading duration of several seconds, this really is intolerable.

Could it be natural to mod_wsgi or will it be set up? What exactly are my options?

"Could it be natural to mod_wsgi?" No. It's natural in HTTP

Because you did not publish your mod_wsgi configuration, you can't really say that which you did wrong.

I'm able to only reckon that you did not use daemon mode.

See http://code.google.com/p/modwsgi/wiki/ConfigurationGuidelines#Defining_Process_Groups for additional info on daemon mode.

It isn't really the very best solution. It might be better (far, much better) to utilize a proper database. Without actual code good examples, and much more particulars, this really is all just random speculating.