I've got a wordpress site located with an Apache server (Mac/Lion) running around the native stack. I implemented the Slideshow Gallery wordpress plugin for showing pictures inside a publish. This is actually the problem:

  1. It creates native browsers on the regular PC.
  2. It does not focus on the iPad in Safari 5.
  3. It will work on a single iPad while using Atomic Browser.

To create things more interesting, I recreated the website and implemented the wordpress plugin on the GoDaddy shared server. Same wordpress plugin, same pictures. Linux Apache Server and delay pills work fine everywhere I attempt it.

What exactly that states in my experience is the fact that my apache server serving this site on my small lan does not focus on iPad/Safari but otherwise.

I have downloaded a small amount of bookmarklet tools to assist in debugging the Safari bit of it, but there is not much to take. The http response header from the server is filled with info whereas the response header from GoDaddy is empty. Would that really make a difference?

How do i isolate and resolve this issue?