I've got a table where you will find some scores for pairs.

Such as this

P1    P2    Score   Date
John  Mark  43      2011-01-01
Sinan Ash   53      2011-02-03
John  Suzie 34      2011-10-10
Ash   Sinan 54      2011-11-11
sinan suzie 42      2011-12-12

What exactly I would like is to buy all of the scores for Sinan and the partner. Things I am looking to get is one thing llike:

partner - score
ash       53
ash       54
suzie     42

I am trying to get it done with te query below. It is possible to better method to query than

select * from table WHERE P1 = 'sinan' OR P2 = 'sinan'

Is efficient? Maybe there's an easy method to keep the information to begin with. Any suggestions?

The actual trick is alternating the partner between P1 and P2. The easiest approach may be:

SELECT P2 AS partner, Score
    FROM table
    WHERE P1 = 'sinan'
SELECT P1 AS partner, Score
    FROM table
    WHERE P2 = 'sinan'

Here's a good example while using Situation statement

SELECT CASE WHEN P1 = 'Sinan' THEN P2 ELSE P1 END AS Partner, Score
FROM ScoreTable
WHERE P1 = 'Sinan' OR P2 = 'Sinan'