Before I begin a disclaimer, I ought to give a little disclaimer, that i'm relatively recent to Cacao development and C generally.

However will have a duplicate of 'Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X 3rd edition' by Aaron HillegassThat I'm dealing with and taking advantage of like a base, if anybody includes a copy I'm while using 'AmaZone' example on-page 346 like a template and base.

I attempting to create a small client application that can take searching string then shows is a result of a database accordingly.

The database will have a: listing of files, their whereabouts, description &lifier creation date, so for now the area number and kinds will stay the same.

After searching around on SO, I saw something similar to:

NSURL *myURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@""];
NSArray *sqlResults = [[NSArray alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:myURL];

I have labored with php before, so my current thinking having seen this really is produce a php script around the server that queries the database, and produces an XML output.

Along with the XML response, just parse it.

Would this be ok? out of the box there any major issues anyone can see, which i can't.

I understand you will find some database bundles, I have had a glance at BaseTen for Postgres, when you are relatively recent for this, did not would like to get in over my mind.

Or maybe anybody else has every other suggestions and concepts, they'd be greatly appreciated.

In case your database is on the server, then this can be a reasonable approach, and is what Apple use iTunes (only they will use WebObjects, not php, permanently enough reasons).

When the database is in your Mac OS X machine, then you should think about CoreData (also in Aaron's book, inside a different chapter).

To enhance your example, you need to use asynchronous techniques on NSURLConnection, that will involve searching in the delegate methods.