I'm presently developing a site(php,css,html,ajax,MySql) that will have heavy user use of space(regarding data). These data are very essential and also the cannot be lost, it really is essential.

I'm searching for tips about servers, languages and anything else(even theory) about distributed database systems. Any help could be really appreciated. Also it is always good when the system used mysql.


P.S. dont link Google.com. I've done might arrived at only a wall :(

My prediction is the fact that you are Searching for that wrong terms. Should you looked for MySql Replication you may encounter this article

Database replication is exactly what allows a "distributed database system". It's also wise to consider clustering to ascertain if that kind of distributio/replicationn might suit your needs.

Also, you did not specify should you be running Light or WAMP but here is a how-to on establishing a MySQL and Apache cluster.