I previously had a php file that does an easy move_submitted_file by utilizing choosing a nearby file and upload to the UNIX web server.

Now we migrate our code to some Windows2003 Server, then your move_submitted_file() fails, the mistake that keeps approaching reads like:

"Cannot slowly move the C:Windowstemp100D.php" file to desiredDirectory.

here desiredDirectory means it caputures the right directory with this file movement. The code we used is fairly straightforward:

if(move_submitted_file($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], $target))

and that we did try change it out to $HTTP_Publish_FILES, but nonetheless no longer working.

Therefore we are actually unaware right now, question if any experts could provide us with some hints, thanks.

Does the webserver have write permissions around the target directory? Considering that you the pathways are correct, this is the other #1 primary reason why file moves fail.

You can examine when the target directory is available and when the apache user has all privileges on that folder.

For any test you are able to set the folder access configurations for that user 'everyone' to 'full'

The snippet of the code i see here's correct and it's not necessary to use $HTTP_Publish_FILES