I must begin focus on an apple iphone application that does nothing more than display a books content for reading through. It submissions are available on the web, and it is fully free, but I must result in the content available in your area. With applications which i have done formerly, namely with apple iphone OS 2.X, creating (or finding) an .sql database after which just making queries for data from inside the application labored very well. Using the creation of Core Data (which I'm not that acquainted with) the older sql method might not be ideal. So my real question is: What's the easiest way that i can move from online content to in your area saved apple iphone readable content? No matter which approach I take, I will require a db (right?), so must i obtain the brunt from it taken care of and begin with posting the net content right into a db with all the correct tables and posts? I suppose with this particular question, I'm just searching for a place within the right direction. If there have been any information on the best way that i can get moving about this, it might be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Core Information is good for those who have "objects" that you would like to create persistent. Within the situation of getting just lots of data to seeOrcreate, common SQLite might be simpler.

Sorry which i can't give anymore specific advice, however it comes lower to how complicated your app's data model and object models are. I'd recommend searching at Core Data, try not to utilize it simply because everyone informs you the way awesome it's.

Should you opt for Core Data, you will not define your personal SQL database schema, so don't start lower that path until you've made a decision.

I really would opt for the Core Data route. Core Information is just an API supplied by Apple to handle persistent data regardless of data after sales (wether it's a flat plist file, an XML file, or perhaps a full sqlite database file).

Within the situation of the book, you are able to break lower the organizations the following.

Book Entity

  • Title the industry String Attribute
  • Author the industry String Attribute
  • sections the industry has numerous relationship of Chapter Organizations

Chapter Entity

  • Title the industry String Attribute
  • pages the industry has numerous relationship of Page Organizations

Page Entity

  • PageText the industry String Attribute

You'll be able to access all of the values as if they're objects using Core Data without needing to be worried about the SQL after sales code, and writing all of the code to translate the SQLite datatypes to Cacao objects that the view remotes can show.