I'd developed web programs under atmosphere mod_perl + Apache + Linux.

Now, I wish to deploy an internet application means to fix my client, under Home windows.

I'm wondering any difficulty everyone encounter, when running mod_perl + Apache + Home windows?

(1) Can One get Perl additional library (CPAN?), and getting used during my web application easily? "Easily" means, no manual compilation. No complex configuration setup.

(2) What about Linux command feature? Perl integrate well with Linux utility to do certain tasks. But when arrived at Home windows, will it able to give the similar features as with Linux's?

I'm available to other web design atmosphere under Home windows (PHP or Python). The main reason I select Perl, when i be aware of language. I simply don't want to change with other language without a very good reason.

I haven't use mod_perl however for your question 1, you are able to have a look in the installation docs. . I have tried personally Activestate Perl and Parts per million before and taking advantage of parts per million to set up modules is simple.

for (2), Perl is really a programming language and it arrives with builtins and modules to complete what *nix tools do, so tthere shouldn't be problem. (there's you don't need to call people to make use of *nix tools unless of course really necessary). Check CPAN/Parts per million to ascertain if you will find modules to complete what you would like.

Personally, I favor PHP should i be doing web programming because it's very easy to create and a lot of nice features already done particularly for web programming.