in order title states, I must hear your advices do you know the most significant inquiries to consider and request finish-customers before creating database for his or her application. We're to create database-oriented application, with special attenion to pay for on db security (access control, file encryption, integrity, backup copies)... Database will even keep some private information about people, that is considered sensitive legally rules, so security should be good.

I done school projects with databases, but this really is very first time working "in real life", where this db security has real implications.

And So I found some advices and inquiries to request on the internet, but here' always get best ones. All help appreciated! Thanks!

Another specifics besides what was already stated:

  • Have you got any Regulating needs for data access and storage (Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA spring to mind)
  • Must you have the ability to audit record changes
  • What internal controls do you want reflected within the database
  • What business rules should be adopted under what conditions
  • What size for you expect the information to get - the bigger the information store expected the greater important to design with performance in your mind in the start
  • How flexible would you like the machine to become (would you like to have the ability to add posts quickly? OR add business rules) Be cautious with that one, make sure the customer knows that flexibilty frequently comes at the expense of performance.
  • Do you want another data warehouse for confirming?
  • How can you require the data populated? Does it originate from a credit card applicatoin, multiple programs, data imports or perhaps a combination?
  • What databases would you presently have license for? Would you like to have this application utilize it?
  • Will different categories of customers need different accesses?
  • How is the procedure presently being handled, are we able to get access to that database or begin to see the current process for action. Observer for at least eventually, the customer while using current system. Take extensive notes, become familiar with a lot of things nobody will want to let you know.
  • Must you migrate data in the old system

i'd begin with:

  • Please explain your company in my experience.
  • Which processes are you currently searching to automate or improve?
  • Have you got any reviews you have to generate?
  • Do you want inputs holiday to a systems?
  • use cases (google for your, it need not be sketches, text is okay)
  • inputs
  • results
  • static data
  • historic data

After that you derive the data you have to store, are applying fourth NF, and go ! Best of luck ! 8-))