I had been dealing with Questions every good .Internet developer should have the ability to answer and was highly impressed using the content and approach of the question and thus within the same spirit, I'm asking this for Database/SQL Developer.

What questions do you consider should a great Database/SQL programmer have the ability to react to?

EDIT : I'm marking this as community wiki because it is not user specific also it aims for everyone programming community in particular.

Searching forward for many amazing reactions.

NOTE : Please respond to questions too as recommended within the comments to ensure that people could learn new things too concerning the language.

The various kinds of JOINs:

  • Right and left OUTER JOIN
  • Mix JOIN

See Shaun Atwood's Visual Explanation of JOINs

  • Exactly what is a key? An applicant key? A principal key? Another key? An overseas key?
  • What's a catalog and just how will it help your database?

  • Do you know the data types available so when to make use of which of them?

A reprint of my answer here, as general recommendations for subjects.


  1. Chooseing posts from the table
  2. Aggregates Part 1: COUNT, SUM, MAX/MIN
  3. Aggregates Part 2: DISTINCT, GROUP BY, Getting


  1. JOINs, ANSI-89 and ANSI-92 syntax
  2. UNION versus UNION ALL
  3. NULL handling: COALESCE &lifier Native NULL handling
  4. Subqueries: IN, Is available, and inline sights
  5. Subqueries: Correlated
  6. WITH syntax: Subquery Invoice discounting/CTE
  7. Sights

Advanced Subjects

  • Functions, Saved Methods, Packages
  • Pivoting data: Situation &lifier PIVOT syntax
  • Hierarchical Queries
  • Cursors: Implicit and Explicit
  • Triggers
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Materialized Sights
  • Query Optimisation: Indexes
  • Query Optimisation: Explain Plans
  • Query Optimisation: Profiling
  • Data Modelling: Normal Forms, 1 through 3
  • Data Modelling: Primary &lifier Foreign Secrets
  • Data Modelling: Table Constraints
  • Data Modelling: Link/Corrollary Tables
  • Full Text Searching
  • XML
  • Isolation Levels
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs), Logical and Physical
  • Transactions: COMMIT, ROLLBACK, Error Handling

Listed here are a couple of:

  • What's normalization why is it important?
  • What exactly are some situations in which you would p-normalize data?
  • Exactly what is a transaction why is it important?
  • What's referential integrity and why could it be important?
  • What steps would to consider to investigate reviews of slow database performance?

What's sql injection and just how would you prevent it?

Exactly what is a cursor so when can you utilize it (or otherwise) and why?