Okay and so i split my access database, and today I've got a after sales:

  • Basically began a completely new table, a completely new query, along with a brand form for any different purpose inside the db_be.mdb wouldn't it come in the connect "front-end" db when i saved it within the after sales, or must i import up?

Basically do need to import the above mentioned, the how do you result in the table to remain in the rear and merely from the front-end...with "link table"?

at this time basically create an MDE, will there be a maximum of three (back finish, what's the front-end, and finally an MDE)??

thanks men

Normally, the entire reason for a Further ed/BE database would be to only have tables within the BE and anything else within the Further ed. You'd produce the table within the BE, then open your Further ed and link the table. You should use the hyperlink manager (Tools/Database Utilities/Linked Table Manager) or directly (File/Get Exterior Data/Link Tables) You would then construct your forms/queries within the Further ed.

Whenever you create an MDE it will likely be another, separate file, while you mention.

To place it succinctly:

  • Add any new tables towards the back-finish database
  • Link the tables towards the front-finish database using "Link table" command (preferrably having a UNC not really a planned table)
  • If one makes an MDE file, it replaces the front-end database. You have to keep your old front-end database in situation you need to make changes (which requires re-creating the MDE).
  • Think about the leading-finish database because the source code and also the MDE because the "Put together" version.

You need to simply be putting tables inside your after sales database. Your queries and forms you already produced ought to be within the frontend. You can turn to your frontend and import them in so it's not necessary to recreate them, however you need to return and remove them out of your after sales.

Whenever you split your database, have you link visit the frontend and link the tables in the after sales? Should you did not, you must do that. Should you used the built-in Database Splitter in the Tools menu, this really is already done. Otherwise, you have to see your frontend and connect to the tables within the after sales. This can be done by opening your frontend and right clicking within the tables area and selecting Link Tables. This really is just for tables though, you cannot connect to your queries/forms/etc.

Hmph...slow typing and responding to while distracted at the office...dsteele's response is directly on too.

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