I simply acquired a customer who's Wordpress site takes between 8 to 22 seconds to begin loading. The loading delay also happens while using the Wordpress after sales so Let me fix the loading problem first before beginning my work (template re-design). What is the fastest yet efficient method to determine why this Wordpress website is taking such a long time to begin loading?

Thanks ahead of time

P.S. - They presently possess a caching wordpress plugin installed (Wordpress Super Cache) that we assume the prior webmaster installed to assist using the loading problem however it only aids in the leading-finish and never the rear-finish.

Attempt to run some test like YSlow and Google Page Speed and browse their results and suggestions.

Google Speed On the internet is helping us a lot with analysis of my websites.


I personally use browsermob. They will use real browsers to check the website load performance. Shows excellent graphs showing how lengthy every single request required. Also shows the number of demands take place in parallel. Because they use real browser, you can observe how lengthy it will require to strain on a genuine browser. You'll be able to select from which location you need to test. You are able to select a United kingdom place to test how quickly your page loads from United kingdom.

Incidentally, I'm by no means associated with browsermob. I simply are actually a satisfied user of the.

Which is free.