Where would you host your rails programs? I have attempted Heroku and Slicehost. I figured I'd request you, the seasoned men at stack-overflow, for hosting recommendations.

Thanks ahead of time

-- N

I'm using Heroku its my development and staging. I additionally have several production systems running onto it for clients.

I had been formerly using Dreamhost, but I've discovered the free Heroku service works much better than a Rails application on the shared Dreamhost account. Also, Heroku has far better availability and incredible support for Rails - deployment is trivial.

I have tried personally both Slicehost (a suite of nodes in production as much as 2gb) and Linode (entry-level a/c for play) - both of them are really solid services and ideal value if you possess the abilities and understanding to construct your personal stack.

I done something this past year which was used with RailsMachine. We migrated from Slicehost systems i was running ourselves towards the RailsMachine stack and also the difference in performance was incredible. Huge advantages of getting a appropriately updated stack run by serious experts. If you possess the budget, certainly worth a glance.

Also note: Heroku is less than shared and Slicehost is less than devoted. Both provide virtual servers which are isolated and guarded using their company programs.

Also check: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/162144/what-is-a-good-ruby-on-rails-hosting-service/162213

And: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2075920/heroku-in-real-existence-applications/2121570

I have been really pleased with a devoted cloud server from Rackspace @ ~$10 monthly.

We are hosting our application at Brightbox. Snap to create and scales very nicely.

They actually have a jewel that can help deploy with capistrano.

Most likely more costly than a few of the others but it is good if you won't want to spend a lot of time doing system admin.

I havent attempted plenty of hosting companies But Railsplayground (world wide web.railsplayground.com) includes a quit good arrange for beginners like beginning from 5$/M

Their choices are good and first and foremost they possess a good customer care. coz when I am getting difficulties with my application these were really useful

And they've a great uptime also going back 12 months approximately i did not have any site-lower gripes from my client (:D)

Please not too I am speaking here in regards to a small application. so if you're searching for starter plans i believe 'Railsplayground' may well be a god option

cheers sameera

I've got a merchant acount on site5.com since 2008 and they're great.. I do not have a lot challenge with them so when i've got a challenge with host, i talk to them online chat support from Istanbul, Poultry plus they solve rapidly. I suggest them.