It is possible to way will be able to deploy my in your area made rails application on the shared host which has Ruby installed?

Personally, I'd use Capistrano. You will find lots of books and lessons around that will explain using it to deploy Rails programs. It's very simple to configure.

Capistrano to deploy and (Mongrel or Passenger... ideally the second... or if you need to, FastCGI although FastCGI is fairly slow with Rails) for everyone.

For those who have a shared host you will need to vendor your Rails version and all sorts of your gems, while you most likely will not get access to install gems. Even when you probably did, you will not want Rails picking old versions of things.

Dreamhost supports Rails, many more most likely do also.

For installing of your application: it is dependent a little on what's already on your shared host, and what you are let it do / install / configure there. For Dreamhost, here's their documentation. Other hosting that is shared solutions might be similar depending with their policy.

The easiest way I have found would be to install the passenger jewel. Once you have submitted your application for your requirements all that you should do is give a couple of lines for your .htaccess file and you ought to be off.

Certainly capistrano + git (git, for those who have SSH access, like f.e. in HostingRails shared host), nothing could be simpler.

Neat Capistrano guide: http://world wide

How you can config Capistrano + git:

Some nice Capistrano quality recipes:

  1. Presuming your http server is nginx or apache, install Phusion Passenger
  2. Around the Passenger site, you will find excellent paperwork for setting up Apache/nginx with Rails
  3. Like a initial step, just copy your Rails application somewhere towards the host and obtain Passenger working
  4. After you have that working, you may need a better method to deploy/update the application as others have recommended, Capistrano is really a popular method of doing it and you ought to don't have any problem finding some lessons online that will help you get it done

I've done steps 1-3 which is increasingly simple and works perfectly fine (I had been too lazy to complete step four).