Does anybody are conscious of rails website hosts which will provide a free arrange for non-profits to obtain ready to go. I am certain it might simply be liberated to a particular point (bandwidth, disk, etc.) but want to explore the choices.

Take a look at Heroku. They do not provide custom plans for No-Profits, however base plan's free.

If you're located in the US, dreamhost will give you free hosting for non-profits:

and they've a great guide for establishing rails here:

The Five Megabytes storage at Heroku may be the database, only. For actual hosting of assets (files, videos, ...), they recommend using S3 (see

You could upgrade the database itself advertising media are into limits. The very first compensated plan's 50 Megabytes for $15 / month, see

Also, despite the fact that Heroku doesn't provide a "non-profit-plan", I am confident they'd be prepared to barter some type of link/free database upgrade-exchange whenever you make contact with them directly.