I'm along the way of hosting my first rails application and I must not open it up as much as the general public until I'm completed with all production work, that might have a couple of days, but I must expose it to buddies/beta testers. I personally use authlogic for authentication however i don't even want anybody to visit that time, I must setup some form authentication (http fundamental?) that only certian people can login with and when they are doing, the website works as always. Essentially Among the finest this new layer of login not to mess the applying, something will be able to just slap on and take away when the push tests are done.

1 - Does authlogic http authentication work for this function? Anythnig else?

The application controller are designed for HTTP Fundamental Authentication -- you retain authlogic for your public/private stuff, and merely let Rails handle authentication.


class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base


  layout 'application'

  USER_ID, PASSWORD = "yourusername", "yourpassword"

  before_filter :authenticate


  def authenticate

    authenticate_or_request_with_http_fundamental do id, password

      id == USER_ID &lifier&lifier password == PASSWORD




Have no idea how you are hosting it, or how high security it's, why not only limit the origin IP addresses, or even the Mac Addresses, that may can get on via your webserver?

Yes it will support http fundamental, you need to simply configure it inside your User model. Or setup a demo account and provide that off to your buddies.