I've my DocumentRoot for my virtualhost in Apache setup because the public dir of my rails application. The general public dir contained the 'welcome aboard' rails index.html file, however i erased it, produced a controller known as home, using the view 'index.' Then i went in to the config dir and uncommented root to: to suggest byNumbercatalog, however the website still just indicates the general public folder from the rails application, showing its contents. what did i actually do wrong?


class HomeController < ApplicationController
  def index



Webapp::Application.routes.draw do
  get "home/index"
  #Lots of comments
  root :to => "home#index"


edit: I acquired passenger working I believe, however the routes.rb is not working. It isn't making the main my latest controller i created using rails generate controller home index. Rather it's searching for index.html within the public dir, because after i put a catalog.html code file inside, it shows it, and when i take it off, i recieve a mistake 500. in addition the apache error.log states "Premature finish of script headers:"

Copy the entire tree for your dev computer. Run it using the development server 'script/server'

Only use passenger being produced.

"Error 500" most likely could be detailed a bit more. Look at your log/production.log.

Alternatively, attempt to sun Passenger in stand alone mode to ascertain if any error pops up. Shutdown Apache and run:

sudo passenger start -p 80

Another thing It's my job to do: edit your config/environments/production.rb to report detailed error messages:

config.consider_all_requests_local = true