I'm attempting to use swfupload with rails . I set up everything , passing the session_id and authenticity token within the URL and delay pills work great on my small local atmosphere ( webrick ) .

However, if I deploy it on production with Apache , everything works fine except the swfupload . I continue getting 301 error code . After trying http sniffer , I discovered that for web addresses like : /paperwork?id=7 , apache transmits a 301 redirecting to /paperwork/?id=7

Since I Have am using swfupload , I have to pass the session id and authenticity token during my Web addresses . Any tips on how to prevent Apache to transmit these 301s ? I believe I have to do something about it within the .htaccess file contained in the general public folder of my RAILS_ROOT directory , but I don't know .

Have you got mod_rewrite enabled in apache? if that's the case try turning them back with RewriteEngine off inshtaccess and find out in the event that works