I am attempting to achieve an integration from a Rails application (the core of this site, at domain.com and www.domain.com) along with a Wordpress Network (multisite, at *.domain.com).

For your I have to develop a Single Sign Up process.

I've discovered a wordpress plugin : Rails Integration Api, however i did not discover the article or readme explaining the rails part. The operation is in line with the recuperation from the cookie, produced in rails.

So my questions is going to be :

  • Are you aware any pointers to attain a Rails - Wordpress SSO integration ?

  • Are you aware good quality assets about applying Wordpress SSO, for just about any after sales ?

Thanks ahead of time.

That wordpress plugin appears like it's searching towards the cookie set because of your Rails application. Should you consider the snacks which are set once you login to that particular application, do them jump out to you as the auth session cookie?

Also, here's the content recommended within the wordpress plugin about setting up the Rails side: http://web.archive.org/web/20090116063054/http://greenfabric.com/page/integration_api_home_page

It appears like it has been defunct for some time (only accessible through archive.org) but maybe that may help you place the puzzle together.