I've got a PHP with an Apache Server and often some strange figures are now being put into an URL. For instance: I've some bookmarks on Mozilla Opera for my site: http://www.example.com/nameofthesubdirectory

and often after i click, in the beginning it seems because the correct URL, but out of the blue it changes to something similar to: http://www.example.com/TTgeL/nameofthesubdirectory After I remove it in the address bar and refresh the page it really works. On top of that, it's a problem for discussing my URL on Facebook. Because its API cannot make the right link preview, when the URL caught by their robots doesn't exist on my small server.

Has anybody already seen something similar to this? Will it be considered a problem about my URL Spinning? (Probably the most curious factor is the fact that I've two different websites: one which uses URL Spinning and also the other one that doesn't use. Both of them are located on a single Server, just different domain names and have this issue.

PHP 5.2.17. Apache/2.2.19 (Debian)