What database system should a novice within the C language use? Can One use MySQL? Thanks

You should use SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or other DBMS having a C language binding.

Should you real question is "What RDBMS would you recommend for beginner?" To be sure that MySQL isn't a bad choice. It's not hard to install and configure. I believe that many RDMS could be utilized from C code nowadays

MySQL has C bindings, so you could utilize that libmysql usually installs the required headers and library files. You could also test out something similar to SQLite if you want to mess about having a DBMS in C.

Thanks.. I did not realize that all SQL database systems have support for c language.

As stated, they have C bindings, so could be appropriate. MySQL is free and it has plenty of online paperwork and books in publications, so this is an excellent start.

SQLite has an increasing number of fans however i haven't yet utilize it. It might be much simpler to createOrset up so might be great for researching tables and SQL.