Im utilizing a mac. Xampp eliminate following the latest update 10.6.8 and i believe it might be a result of the update. Anyway, Id prefer to re-install xampp however didnt backup my database and that i cant enter into localhost/phpmyadmin to import it. Can there be anyway I'm able to backup my database one other way and re-install xampp? or perhaps is there one other issue why the web pages dont load.

I recieve this error after i visit localhost/phpmyadmin: The asked for URL /phpmyadmin wasn't available on this server.

If you use XAMPP, it instantly freezes the rest of the database. If you work with mysql, you are able to backup them either using

1.mysqladmin tool ( directly login because the admin and choose the databases that you'll require and backup.


2.using command line (manual backup): goto mysql/bin after which follow this tutorial: