I'm a little unsure about read locks and merely need someone to see if these details about read/write tresses are correct.

This really is in mention of the databases generally.

Read Locks:

  1. Multiple read locks can be had by multiple threads simultaneously.
  2. Whenever a thread includes a read lock on the row/table, no thread can update/place/remove data from that table. (Even when the thread attempting to write data does not need a write lock.)
  3. A row/table cannot possess a read along with a write lock simultaneously.

Write Locks:

  1. Whenever a row/table includes a write lock, it can't be read by another thread should they have a read lock implemented inside them but could be read by other threads if no read lock is implemented (i.e simple Choose query)

Just clarification. I cant find direct statements to those claims around the internets.

It is dependent around the isolation level used.