I've got a task where I have to upload about 50 msword document in mysql database, it's not an issue. However in the "admin" how do i create a script where it may discover the string within the database and in addition it will find the string within the file like msword?

For instance, I've found the term "programming" within the search box, and also the word is just within the file "msword"!

Therefore the primary problem is how you can develop search script that may read data in mysql as well as in the file like msword?

I'm presently using "wordpress" with "contact page 7" to build up upload form.

Can someone produce a few recommendations.

You shouldn't only save the term files as binary files (which aren't searchable by MySQL) but also needs to extract the written text inside the Word files and save it as being a TEXT within the DB. Then you may search with wildcards (i.e. 'WHERE text LIKE "%searchterm%"') and discover what within the files.

Note however this will end up very slow with increased and bigger files!