After i attempt to open WSDL file in browser (http://localhost/something/file.wsdl), i'm provided to download that file. However i want rather than installing in order view as XML(string) in browser?


Everything rely on what browser your using. Try diverse from your primary browser. Whenever you open it up in Internet Explorer 8 you ought to have XML view.

This may happen in case your server isn't delivering the right content type for that WSDL file.

There must be a HTTP header around the response when asking for the WSDL, something similar to this:

Content-type: text/xml

If you notice a download popup maybe this really is set to another thing, or it's missing altogether.

If you're also using Tomcat with Apache, you can set something similar to this within the web.xml file:


For Apache, take a look in the mod_mime module.