I'm very a new comer to WordPress, I have little understanding with PHP. I just read about Coffee pods and I understand how to produce one and employ pages / templates to show data.

The problem I'm havingis, the Coffee pods I had been creating use static data joined through the Wordpress dashboard, things i want would be to read data from the database, I'm using MySql (same DB that wordpress is applying). it is possible to method to use Coffee pods and browse the information in the DB, or wordpress has an easy method to deal with data from the DB ?


Wordpress CSM has an excellent class to utilize db, i believe the greater wager about this is find out how db connects and obtain data from mysql

Usual method to read from database in WordPress may be the following:

  1. get global variable $wpdb

    global $wpdb
  2. prepare the output and SQL command

    $output = ""
    $sql = "Choose ".$wpdb->prefix."posts.publish_title,
    ".$wpdb->prefix."posts.publish_title FROM ".
    $wpdb->prefix."posts WHERE ".$wpdb->prefix.
    "posts.publish_status='publish' AND ".$wpdb->prefix.
    "posts.publish_parent= AND ".$wpdb->prefix.
  3. method get_results() retrieves values from db

    $posts = $wpdb->get_results($sql)
    $output .= ''
    foreach ($posts as $publish) publish_title).
  4. ' $output .= '' echo $output

You need to Consider the $wpdb variable (and sophistication)

Remember to declare it a worldwide:

<?php global $wpdb; ?>

I'm however unsure what you would like.
I advise remaining near to wordpress.
If you wish to make your own custom publish types without needing code use moretypes