I simply downloaded the origin of wordpress application. I'm on the entire process of rebranding the wordpress application (symbols &lifier lebels) for my self located site. I'm wondering, if there's a procedure / configuration choice to take away the wordpress links &lifier wordpress blogging options from the application. It does not seem sensible for that user to download my application from market &lifier visit wordpress site by using it.


I would like the customers have the ability to use both default wordpress application &lifier my self located application. However, for your, I believe I have to alter the package title within the android manifest and therefore refactor all of the old package names of all of the java class. However I'll loose a chance to sync &lifier get update from the latest build from the wordpress application.

It is possible to way I'm able to install exactly the same code with similar package (like a different application) without conflicting using the wordpress application ?

Can anybody point me towards the direction where I'm able to find more particulars around the application namespace / package title conflicts?

You will find a couple of considerations to do in order to rebrand:

  1. You need to simply edit the AndroidManifest.xml and alter references to Wordpress.
  2. Change symbols (/res/drawable) that demonstrate Worpress logo design.
  3. Change strings (/res/values &lifier /res/values-xx) that say "wordpress".
  4. Search the sources if you will find any occurences of "wordpress" in Strig literals.
  5. You have to alter the package title of classes. This really is trivial. Use refactoring inside your IDE.

Answer: package title should be unique - applications on the market could be looked by their package title: http://developer.android.com/guide/publishing/publishing.html

NOTE: Wordpress Android application is licensed under GPL - you'll have to build your sources available under GPL towards the public.