OK this is actually the deal. Me plus some pals do a Podcast(for more than college now) as well as in April we relaunched the website, that incorporated a brand new After sales. Since I Have only had 2 days in those days to get everything to operate, I made the decision to produce something on your own so everything fitted precisely our needs. The entire factor was designed in Python according to mod_python.

Right now I do not cash to do this I figured about refactoring the code(since code you are writing by 50 percent days is not the cleanest one understandably), I found the concept that I possibly could base it on the Content management systems.

It did take me some minutes to create in the model for the entire factor but here you go:


  • Create by
  • Create at
  • Edited by
  • Edited at


  • Usermame
  • Password
  • Realname
  • Administrator(True/False)
  • Moderator(True/False)
  • Profile visible(True/False)
  • Profile picture
  • Profile text

Tags(goes_to_many :posts)

  • Title

Posts(has_many :files, :comments, :tags)

  • Title
  • Feed Title
  • EpisodeNumber
  • Type(Podcast/News)
  • Date
  • Image
  • Comments(Open/Closed/Hidden)
  • Condition(Public/Auto/Hidden)
  • Text
  • Files
  • Tags

Files(goes_to_many :posts)

  • File
  • Size
  • Duration(This needs libraries for determening the size of mp3/mp4/m4v files)

Comments(goes_to :posts)

  • Publish
  • User(If published with a podcaster, therefore we can highlight the comment etc.)
  • Date
  • Hidden(True/False)
  • Title
  • Email
  • IP
  • Text


  • Title
  • Text

OK the stuff above is fairly simple, just the obtaining the amount of the tunes etc. might be in some way difficult.

Now comes the bigest problem, our download monitoring.

This needs custom tables named Year_Month using the following format:
- rows with: fileID all, itunes, feed, other etc.

On every download we create new tables and rows as necessary. Negligence obtaining the information out and transforming it into charts is very complex.


And So I required a glance at Drupal, Django and Ruby on Rails. Drupal is PHP... well I've not a problem with PHP the primary question this is how to implement duration look for tunes.

Django is Python since i have authored the present site in python too, many questions fall away.

Ruby on Rails appears very good for kickstart development (I really like the Railscasts), regrettably, attempting to create a Demo with Aptana RadRails unsuccessful epically to some 200 line stack trace. Since I Have did not so something with Ruby before I ended there.

Hopefully a number of you people might help me using the choice here, because you can curently have knowledge about Drupal/Django/Ruby on Rails which i do not have, and that i really hate it to getting begin again after being midway though a project, only because there's some little factor that can not be implemented with technology Abc.