I'm searching at some solutions for creating a site with a mixture of free and compensated/premium content (no, it isn't porn).

I gather that Drupal has got the Premium wordpress plugin which assists this. I am also searching at Expression Engine, which appears to possess some built-in support with this, although Paypal may be the only payment option.

I am searching at aMember (http://www.amember.com/) which appears to become a user role package that supports this, supports plenty of payment techniques, and it has plug ins to match to both Expression Engine and Wordpress.

Frankly, I've found Drupal very frustrating to utilize, so I am leaning towards EE or Worpress + aMember. Shall We Be Held missing every other good options? Anybody have knowledge about these packages?

Expression Engine is amazing, and there's a lot of support on their own forums. I am sure someone finds a method to use not only paypal by using it, just request around the forums there and find out the things they say. But I'd recommend EE

Joomla is a good Content management systems for websites like these, as possible see social-networking, e-commerce, subscription website, news website, etc

Or possibly Data Existence Engine (DLE) would suit you (not free)

Another election for EE here! The first learning curve can seem to be just a little steep, however it comprises for this by having an very simple and easy , intuitive templating system. But yeah, certainly look into the forums and also the EE wiki to determine the other e-commerce and payment handler plug ins/modules you will find.

Certainly a election for EE here. Should you search a bit in to the system, you will find the membership piece to permit an array of functionality between many amounts of customers. Different groups customers could be designated different amounts of use of viewing, as well as posting content.

Well, If you are using WordPress you are able to plenty options however i think the very best membership wordpress plugin for wordpress is CMS Members.