Can anybody advise a good guide/tutorial for programming PostgreSQL? This means creating triggers and methods, domain names, new types, while using various languages, and so forth.

The manual is nice, however i thought it was missing like a learning aid (it's much more of a reference, as manuals ought to be)? It's very proficient at explaining the SQL syntax and administration tools, but was not so proficient at the greater advanced options that come with PostgreSQL.

I have tried personally the forums previously

however i think an effective guide or tutorial could be better.

Edit: Rereading my question, I see I wasn't obvious enough, I'm asking about writing saved methods/triggers, creating new domain names and kinds and all sorts of the greater finish stuff. I wasn't asking about fundamental SQL and database functions, I believed more across the energy user lines.

Update (12 , 2008): I still haven't had a great deal of luck finding anything really. I'm presently while using later sections from the PostgreSQL manual. Within the FLOSS Weekly episode on PostgreSQL, Josh Berkus spoke of numerous uses where individuals have found methods of their server to speak straight to other databases, as well as other programs that actually seem quite impressive.

Obviously, it appears quite plausible this type of functionality just isn't recorded anywhere.

PostgreSQL follows the ANSI SQL standards more carefully than nearly any database available, so an over-all SQL tutorial should work.

I believe the W3Schools SQL tutorial is fairly good. They actually have a "try some SQL here" page with a example tables and allows the thing is the outcomes of choose claims.

The state tutorial for that latest version is here. It's area of the official manual, but you may skipped it (the manual just a little difficult to search through - it's large).

The only real non-standard factor you'll most likely want is auto-incrementing primary secrets. Simply make most of your key from the type "serial" or "bigserial" rather than "integer" or "bigint". So far as I understand, every database performs this in a different way.

The correct capital is "PostgreSQL" and also the pronunciation is "publish-gres-Q-L". The strange title develops from a very long time ago when SQL support was initially put into the Postgres database. (Postgres is made like a successor to Ingres) "Postgres" is definitely an recognized shortening from the title.

Obtain the Oreilly practical PostgreSQL book, worth the money. the hyperlink will give you to some preveiw from the book, plenty of info there too.