I must possess a SQL database online, but don't wish to cope with its care and feeding. You will find some commercial choices available for located DBs, for instance Amazon . com SimpleDB. Can anybody suggest others, and when they used these services what their impressions were? Something that helps me make an educated decision could be appreciated.

Edit: Since there is no one true answer, I have chose to make this a residential area wiki.

Have you have a look the Amazon . com Relational Database Service. It's a MySql instance, which is listed likewise towards the EC2 items.

Google's AppEngine also offers a SQL Database: http://code.google.com/appengine that's free. however , it does not scale perfectly.

Amazon's SimpleDB is missing a sizable chunk from the MySQL API, so if you wish to follow this path try to stay with SQL92 whenever possible. Also, bear in mind that you're transformed per query. What this means is you need to make every query count. Just one way of doing that's by utilizing relative updates:

UPDATE persondata SET age=age+1

To tell the truth SimpleDB is a total waste of money unless of course you'll need a large SQL cluster. I'd begin with an area sql db, whenever your load begins to obtain beyond control, move the sql db to its server. Next, you'll be searching at clustering your SQL db, after which SimpleDB begins being a stylish solution.