I want to create a website to permit customers exchange clothes with one another.The web site is going to be much like a web-based auction along with a book exchange. This is a place-based exchange community. The web site enables customers to

1) sign up for a personal account

2) list products with different specific, yet simple form that they'll keep an eye on within their account

3) Rate products they have received according to three simple criteria

4) Admin can add/remove items and also categorise them

5) Dimensions labels etc could be designated to items

6) Other customers can upload their items/classify them assign

7) customers are capable of doing faceted explore the items and filter by size, label etc..

One primary point here's that there's no payment involved. I was thinking to make use of virtuemart over joomla for this kinda website and needed a viewpoint how tough will it be personalize virtuemart/joomla to satisfy the needs.

Are you able to please suggest another architecture should you believe that the above mentioned arechitecture isn't achievable to construct this sorta website? Magento isn't an option.


Surely individuals need have the ability to exchange products? From going for a quick review your specs, I do not think your list covers all the needed functionality.

While cash payment is not needed, it may sound like payment may be involved because your internet site is a 'point-based exchange community'. I believe this may really result in the task of making your website a little more complicated due to there being less possibility of using pre-written modules (most e-commerce CMSs are targeted towards cash obligations).

I'd suggest you appear in an ecommerce system known as Ubercart (which is dependant on Drupal). This is often customised reasonably easily by writing modules which plug-to the primary Content management systems. Gleam very encouraging developer community. To sort out the feasibility of utilizing Ubercart, I'd recommend posting your question around the Ubercart forum (www.ubercart.org).