Given Shaun Atwoods assertion that All Programming is Web Programming, and getting recently setup Apache on OSX with dynamic DNS on the home machine, an amount the StackOverflow community suggest as fun programming projects to develop this, and what technologies to make use of?

Place your fish online. Obtain a moveable camera, and/or perhaps a lego NXT robot and fix a camera to the arm. Produce a web interface that allows you progress your camera around and feed the fish etc. together with your new robot while you are not in your own home. I have been looking at that idea for several weeks.

Anything you find fun. I can not let you know that which you find fun. Think about something you would like making it.

-- Edit:

I'll list several things I've found fun, possibly for inspiration:

  • Cryptography
  • Fashion
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Vibrant Colours
  • Inventing Things
  • Guitar Hero
  • Implementing Programs
  • Quarrelling
  • The spanish language
  • Music
  • Debugging
  • Investment

So the kinds of programs I write connect with this stuff debugging visualiser, application to complete deployments, websites explaining my inventions, websites explaining my clothing company, tools for adjusting images, tools for music generation, and begins of programs to handle financial investment portfolios.

Other may be.

Personally, I've always believed that it seemed fun to construct a kind of media server that may stream my video and music collections and even perhaps allow me to manage the files. I additionally think some kind of family blackboard like wiki could be interesting.

Create another Google. j/k. Well, you have become more specific. With what language, what interests others does not always also excites you.

If you are searching for something strangely enough Mac-ant for we've got the technology, then you can aquire a large amount of fun from WebObjects. You should utilize Eclipse and WOLips because the dev atmosphere nowadays. However, I believe the Cappuccino/Objective-J javascript framework is fairly awesome, too.