I'm moving my blog to a different domain. I'm trying to get this done through .htaccess. As the redirect is ok - the output URL is 'ugly'

example in old domain .htaccess file:

redirect 301 /archives/2009/06/02/hello-world/ http://indiapoint.net/archives/2009/06/02/hello-world/

Therefore if we click


the redirect would be to


Please suggest what ought to be done

thanks Anup

This isn't helping together with your .htaccess file question above but when you're just searching to obtain 301 redirects in one domain to a different however the url stays the identical then I would suggest checking together with your domain registrar to ascertain if they offer this feature.

For example, GoDaddy allows you forward a website utilizing a 301 redirect and it'll keep your full url. So inside your example above you visits the i3pep.org domain and inform your domain registrar to forward it (a minimum of in GoDaddy this can be done) to indiapoint.internet (make certain you specify 301 redirect).

A request to: http://www.i3pep.org/archives/2009/06/02/hello-world/

Can get instantly 301 rerouted to: http://www.indiapoint.net/archives/2009/06/02/hello-world/

It has labored for me personally on multiple domain names which i have located with GoDaddy.