I've got a VPS along with a domain title registered using the provider.

After I enter world wide web.example.com my website is displayed properly, but entering example.com doesn't work. I can ping world wide web.example.com.

I added the next line to my apache2 default vhosts file:

ServerName example.com

ServerAlias world wide web.example.com

But this didn't work.

The VPS is really a Debian5 OS.

Any ideas?
Note: There's no option using a provided user interface to include this, it is a fundamental package I bought



http://serverfault.com/questions/283663/redirect-example-com-to-world wide web-example-com-vps-apache2

Look at your DNS first (search/nslookup)

search world wide web.example.com search example.com

Odds are example.com is not mentioning to anything, or perhaps a different host, CNAME or ip.

Give a catch all record if you want: *.example.com

How you can manage DNS is dependent in your Web service provider/Host company