I've got a php server that's running my domain title. For testing reasons I'm running an asp.internet on the dotted quad IP. I'm wishing to link them together via either php or some type of dns/htaccess voodoo.

Therefore if Time passes to world wide web.mydomain.com/test drive it redirects (but keeps the url of (world wide web.mydomain.com/test) within the primary bar or awesome bar or what you refer to it as nowadays) and also the pages are offered through the dotted quad asp.internet box.

is the fact that possible?

Rather than pointing world wide web.yourdomain.com/test at the test server, why don't you use test.yourdomain.com?

Presuming you can get the DNS records for yourdomain.com, you need to simply need to create a b record mapping test.yourdomain.com for your test server's Ip.

It is extremely possible, basically know very well what you are bothering.

You've got a PHP server together with your domain pointing into it. You then have a separate ASP.Internet server that has only an Ip connected by using it, no domain.

Can there be any downside of simply pointing your domain title for your ASP.Internet box?

The simplest strategy is to create world wide web.mydomain.com/test serve a HTML file with a single frame using the plain Ip. However, which means that the URL within the (awesome) address bar always stays the identical, even when clicking a hyperlink about the displayed page. (This can be avoided with the addition of target=_top within the href, but this could require some modifications for your "asp.internet".)

The only real other way I'm able to think about would be to make world wide web.mydomain.com behave as proxy. That's, at /test it features a script or something like that that will get the page out of your "asp.internet" and forwards it towards the client.

This can be done having a proxy, however i think Will Harris's answer is the greatest - make use of a subdomain. Easier, and will also eliminate difficulties with relative links too.

To be sure the sub-domain idea is the greatest, but when for whatever reason it does not meet your needs you might possess the php page at /test proxy demands to some URL in the dotted quad machine (using fopen to gain access to the dotted quad URL).